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From High School Seniors to College Freshman

Kimberly Gonzalez and Vanessa Garcia

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Angel Ramirez is going to attend Stanford University.

As the May 1st deadline to commit to a college has passed, senior Grizzlies prepare to embark on a new journey in college.

Some of our own fellow Grizzlies will be attending prestigious colleges all over the U.S. The map that follows lists some of these students and the schools they plan on attending.

Which college will you be attending in the fall?

Ramirez Angel     Stanford

Roman Sergio     Tufts University

Khounchanh Melody Tufts University

Gutierrez Sheila     Emory University

Nguyen Viviana     University of Washington – Seattle Campus

Magarin Adolfo Hope College

Nieto Aubrianna Louisiana State University

Correa Emilia    Chapman University

Bonilla Gerardo Vanguard University

Padilla Valerie Vanguard University

Sanchez Anthony     Vanguard University

Roman Marysol Vanguard University

Olvera Marlon Vanguard

Ramirez Brenda Vanguard University

Giles Jennifer Vanguard University

Navarro Gustavo Vanguard University

Salas Oscar Vanguard

Elizalde Natalia Vanguard University

Garibay Esperanza      Vanguard

Enriquez Nancy    Morningside College

Hurtado Rei    Morningside College

Rodriguez Luz     Allegheny College

Chavez Jose  Allegheny College

Avila Paula     Concordia University  

Pineda Estephanie Dean College

Hernandez Leslie         University of Redlands

Ochoa Guadalupe     Northern Michigan University

Verduzco Izak     University of La Verne

Rodriguez Stephanye  San Diego Christian College

Rivera Bryan UC Berkeley

Pineda Sergio    UC Berkeley

Magdaleno Maria     UC Berkeley

Mendoza Angela    UC Berkeley

Arriola Elaine UC Berkeley

Julie Cons UC Berkeley

Charco Nerissa UC Berkeley

Lopez Diana UCLA

Cervantes Richard UCLA

Pedroza JuanUCLA

Nguyen Michelle UCLA

Gutierrez Humberto UCLA

Pacheco Anthony UC Davis

Mejorado Marie    UC Davis

Juarez Ruby  UC Davis

Avendano Swemicarely   UC Davis

Gonzalez Kimberly   UC Davis

Truong Tiffany UCI

Esquivel Victoria UCI

Ortiz Eric UCI

Garcia Yulisa  UCI

Vargas Yessenia UC: Irvine

De La Torre Jiaretzy        UC: Irvine

Perez Miguel    UC: Irvine

Cortez Ivonne    UC: Irvine

Barrera Marisol   UC: Irvine

Perea Larry               UC: Irvine

Aguilar Kathy     UC: Irvine

Uraje Edna               UC: Irvine

Lopez Edgar               UC: Irvine

Espinoza Vanessa    UC: Irvine

Marting Emma    UC: Irvine

Pina Jazmin               UC: Irvine

Nava Patricia     UC: Irvine

De La Riva Alondra    UC: Irvine

Rizo Alexa      UC: Irvine

Martinez Alexander      UC: Irvine

Arroyo Yesenia  UC: Irvine

Duran Paola             UC: Irvine

Torres Ricardo       UC: Irvine

Prieto Julissa           UC: Irvine

Arroyo Lizett                      UC: Irvine

Benitez Evelyn           UC: Irvine

Apolonio Celia           UC: Irvine

Estep Evelyn           UC: Irvine

Juarez Esmeralda           UC: Irvine

Ramos Christopher           UC: Irvine

Flores Lexie                      UC: Irvine

Benitez Emeline           UC: Irvine

Valladares Cristina       UC: Irvine

Valdez Erika       UC: Irvine

Nguyen Tom           UC: Santa Barbara

Macias Rodrigo UC: Santa Barbara

Soto Alexys           UC Riverside

Resendiz Angel UC Riverside

Morgan Paola UC: Riverside

Sandoval Jose UC: Riverside

Peral Guadalupe     UC: Riverside

Mejia-Gomez Anthony  UC Riverside

Cervantes Alexa      UC: Riverside

Cortez Jose  UC Merced

Urbina-Noyola Sander  UC Merced

Pena Thais    UC: Merced

Alcalan Andrea  UC: Merced

Castillo Ana  UC: Merced

Ortega Jackeline       UC: Merced

Chan Jocelyn      UC Merced

Nguyen Van     UC San Diego

Meneses Katie     UC: San Diego

Moreno Kaylina UC San Diego

Galvan Jairo UC San Diego

Lopez Jessica          UC San Diego

Solis Maritza   CSU: Fullerton

Orozco Alma            CSU: Fullerton

Tovar Esteban CSU: Fullerton

Bernabe Jesus CSU: Fullerton

Baltazar Damaris CSU: Fullerton

Pereyra Priscilla   CSU: Fullerton

Montano Julian   CSU: Fullerton

Rodriguez Daniel       CSU: Fullerton

Acosta Michelle       CSU: Fullerton

Garcia Sabrina       CSU: Fullerton

Herrera Sabrina      CSU: Fullerton

Hernandez Denisse     CSU: Fullerton

Navarro Hernandez Cristina CSU: Fullerton

Carrasco Gonzalez Theresa   CSU: Fullerton

Martinez Noel    CSU: Fullerton

Buitron Maira               CSU: Fullerton

Rodriguez Daniel    CSU: Fullerton

Orozco Alma               CSU: Fullerton

Ortega Litzy          CSU: Fullerton

Ruelas Isaias     CSU: Fullerton

Nguyen Johny     CSU: Fullerton

Canela Rosana    CSU: Fullerton

Rodriguez Samantha   CSU: Fullerton

Moreno Eduardo    CSU: Fullerton

Hernandez Jason    CSU: Fullerton

Sanchez Joshua    CSU: Fullerton

Gonzalez Briana    CSU: Fullerton

Flores Jose               CSU: Fullerton

Bueno Omar               CSU: Fullerton

Rivera Camilo    CSU: Fullerton

Elias Valdivia Araceli    CSU: Fullerton

Cereceres Valentin    CSU: Fullerton

Vu Alexis Lay    CSU: Fullerton

Valdovinos Maria     CSU: Fullerton

Sanchez Bryan    CSU: Fullerton

Rodriguez Crystal    CSU: Fullerton

Gomez Enrique    CSU: Fullerton

Marcial Mayra    CSU: Fullerton

Jimenez Berenice    CSU: Fullerton

Alcocer Antonio    CSU: Fullerton

Flores Jennifer     CSU: Fullerton

Hernandez Evelyn     CSU: Fullerton

Tlazola Karen     CSU: Fullerton

Nava Kaylee                 CSU: Fullerton

Diaz Esmeralda     CSU: Fullerton

Guevara Christian     CSU: Fullerton

Banos Joshua     CSU: Fullerton

Grajeda Susana     CSU: Fullerton

Jacobo Alonso     CSU: Fullerton

Garcia Angelica    CSU: Fullerton

Napoles Marisol CSU: Fullerton

Guillen Paola CSU: Fullerton

Serrano Andres CSU: Fullerton

Garcia Salvador CSU: Fullerton

Ramirez Lopez Juan  CSU: Fullerton

Orozco Nancy      CSU: Fullerton

Perez Yuliana   CSU: Fullerton 

Soto Jose                 CSU: Fullerton

Ramirez Gilberto      CSU: Fullerton

Santiago Alexis      CSU: Fullerton

Ramirez Marhaly      CSU: Fullerton

Franco Andrea      CSU: Fullerton

Bazan Jennifer     CSU: Fullerton

Fregoso Jennifer     CSU: Fullerton

Duarte Gisselle    CSU: Fullerton

Lopez Maria                CSU: Fullerton

Diaz Baltazar Reberiano   CSU: Fullerton

Heredia Hector     CSU: Fullerton

Sanchez Jasmin     CSU: Fullerton

Pulido Ivan                CSU: Fullerton

Orozco David     CSU: Fullerton

Flores Jennifer           CSU: Fullerton

Lopez Brenda           CSU: Fullerton

Garcia Jennifer           CSU: Fullerton

Mayorga Neitan           CSU: Fullerton

Heredia Hector                   CSU: Fullerton

Rodriguez Estefany           CSU: Fullerton

Hernandez Jonah           CSU: Fullerton

Zacatzontetl Omar           CSU: Fullerton

Gonzalez Armando     CSU: Long Beach

Mendoza Andrew     CSULB

Cerrillo Linda     CSU: Long Beach

Trujillo Mariah              CSU: Long Beach

Merida Leonel     CSU: Long Beach

Lopez Gabriela      CSU: Long Beach

Hill Anthony      Cal state long beach

Soria Roldan Brianna         Cal state Long Beach

Nieto Eli    CSU: Long Beach

Valencia Oscar     CSU Long Beach

Padilla Geovanny    CSULB

Nunez Clarissa            CSULB

Rivera Kaeth California State Polytechnic

Jimenez Lesly    California State Polytechnic

Martinez Rosalia      California State Polytechnic

Torres Luis   California State Polytechnic

Matias Bryan               California State Polytechnic

Xongmixay Belinda    California State Polytechnic

Garcia Vanessa    California State Polytechnic

Ortiz Evelyn                      California State Polytechnic

Torres Audrey           California State Polytechnic

Vega Jammie    California State Polytechnic

Silva-Gonzalez Jonathan California State Polytechnic

Gutierrez Crystal California State Polytechnic

Soriano Bryan    California State Polytechnic

Rojas Sarahi     California Polytechnic Pomona

Jimenez Alexis    California State Polytechnic

Pacheco Mildred  CSU: Dominguez Hills

Godoy Daniela  CSU: Dominguez Hills

Garcia Juan                CSU: Dominguez Hills

Vargas Allene    CSU: Dominguez Hills

Pineda Erick               CSU: Dominguez Hills

Toledo Daniel    CSU: Dominguez Hills

Pineda Michael    CSU: Dominguez Hills

Cazales Maria    CSU: Dominguez Hills

Herrera Mayra     CSU: Dominguez Hills

Alfaro Lizeth       CSU: Dominguez Hills

Solis Egan                CSU: Dominguez Hills

Bravo Eddie                CSU: Dominguez Hills

Molina Elizabeth     CSU: Dominguez Hills

Navarrete Stephanie      CSU: Dominguez Hills

Vasquez Oscar CSU: Dominguez Hills

Serrato Cindy CSU: Dominguez Hills

Cruz Claudia   CSU: Dominguez Hills

Tejeda Cristian      CSU: Dominguez Hills

Zaragoza Daisy     CSU: Dominguez Hills

Quiroz Juan                CSU: Dominguez Hills

Venegas Daniel       CSU: Dominguez Hills

Pena-Garcia Rikki    CSU: Dominguez Hills

Parra Lisbeth     CSU: Dominguez Hills

Flores Jason               CSU: Dominguez Hills

Santillan Jorge     CSU: Dominguez Hills

Solis Theresa    CSU: Dominguez Hills

Orozco Perez Felix    CSU: Dominguez Hills

Miranda Linda    CSU: Dominguez Hills

Guillen Veronica     CSU: Dominguez Hills

Sanchez Francisco           CSU: Dominguez Hills

Hernandez Byron           CSU: Dominguez Hills

Venegas Daniel           CSU: Dominguez Hills

Mellado Graciela     CSU: San Marcos

Gonzalez Denise     CSU: San Marcos

Cambron Breida          Cal State San Bernardino

Bedolla Edmar     CSU: San Bernardino

Zamudio Julissa    San Francisco State University

Hernandez Joshua      San Francisco State

Delgado Juan San Francisco State University

Sanchez Pedro     CSU : San Francisco

Argueta Andrew    San Francisco State University

Tena Destiny    SF State

Amezcua Dulce    San Francisco State University

Castaneda Alex    San Francisco State University

Penaflor Joseph    San Francisco State University

Villegss Josue    San Francisco State University

Cruz Mayrany    California State University Bakersfield

Franco Janet    CS East Bay

Soto Tara    CS East Bay

Aceves-Magdaleno Diana  CSU Monterey Bay

Robles Mario Alejandro  CSU Northridge

Sanchez Jocelyn      CSU Chico

Lara Michelle      CSU Chico

Flores Tania    Humboldt State University

Guerra Mayra    CSU: Channel Islands

Ortiz Nallely               CSU: Channel Islands

Gallo Daniel    CSU Channel Islands

Cisneros Luis    CSU: San Bernardino

Torres Lupita    CSU: Sacramento

Alvarez Faviola    San Diego State University

Sepulveda Catherine   Washington State University

Vazquez Izaak    Arts Institute of California

Nava Robert               ROC Riverside Coast College

Miranda Ulises    Coastline Community College

Vasquez Sergio       CCC

Munoz Rivera Ricardo  Santiago canyon college

Garcia Adrian Santiago Canyon College

Vargas Taizette Estrella Mountain Community College

Aguilar Brandon Cypress College

Perez Kenia               Fullerton College

Salcedo Jonathan      Fullerton College

Verduzco  Izak Fullerton College

De La Cruz Sofie      Golden West College

Gonzalez Emily     Golden West College

Marquez Claudia     Golden West College

Arzate Roberto         Golden West College

Acevez Emily Golden West College

Luna Maria                      Golden West College

Memije Emily      Irvine Valley College

Ramirez Fatima     Irvine Valley College

Castro Anais          Irvine Valley College

Delaquintana Jamie     Irvine Valley College

Jimenez Mellisa      Irvine Valley College

Lopez Irving                 Irvine Valley College

Rendon Rosina     Irvine Valley College

Avila Kimberly     Irvine Valley College

Rios Galilea   Irvine Valley College

Garcia Litzi             Irvine Valley College

Alvarado Berenise    Irvine Valley College

Esqueda Isaac     Irvine Valley College

Palacios Kate    Irvine Valley College

Gazano Karla Irvine Valley College

Flores Ana            Irvine Valley College

Gomez Carmin Irvine Valley College

Sandoval Alonso    Irvine Valley College

Chevez Lucia     Irvine Valley College

Mejia-Gomez Matilde     Irvine Valley College

Solano Jesus    Irvine Valley College

Jimenez Luis               Irvine Valley College

Hernandez Fernando   Irvine Valley College

Esqueda Isaac Irvine Valley College

Mejia Jayline           Irvine Valley College

Padilla Alexander    Irvine Valley College

Santibanez Isaac   Irvine Valley College

Cruz Bryan                 Irvine Valley College

Mendoza Katheryn     Irvine Valley College

Guzman Espinoza Michelle    Irvine Valley College

Gutierrez Christian Irvine Valley College

Solis Trinidad Irvine Valley College

Ponce Marlene     Irvine Valley College

Martinez Basurto Joevany Irvine Valley College

Becerra Joshcois       Irvine Valley College

Arroyo Areli                  Irvine Valley College

Gonzalez Juan       Irvine Valley College

Diaz Jose                 Irvine Valley College

Jordan Esmeralda    Irvine Valley College

Noveron Irene    Irvine Valley College

Diaz Osmar               Irvine Valley College

Sosa Roldan Andy     Irvine Valley College

Cortez Fabian     Irvine Valley College

Barroso Nancy    Irvine Valley College

Espinoza Sayra    Irvine Valley College

Mendoza Litzy     Irvine Valley College

Soria Eduardo     Irvine Valley College

Espinoza Mercedes      Irvine Valley College

Colocho Carlos     Irvine Valley College

Jimenez Diego     Irvine Valley College

Guzman Alejandra     Irvine Valley College

Avelar Munoz Estefania   Irvine Valley College

Barrera Ocampo Anthony Irvine Valley College

Rios Roberto                      Irvine Valley College

Ibarra Sergio           Irvine Valley College

Gonzalez Ashley                 Irvine Valley College

Diaz Alejandro      Irvine Valley College

Valerio Mariano      Irvine Valley College

Aguilar Edwin       Irvine valley college

Araujo Bethany     IVC

Guzman Espinoza Michelle IVC

Lobatos Teodoro    Orange Coast College

Olivas Miriam Orange Coast College

Jimenez Alejandra     Orange Coast College

Tran Cole    Orange Coast College

Salas Melanie Orange Coast College

Lomeli Marifer    Orange Coast College

Canario Francisco    Orange Coast College

Castellanos Luis      Orange Coast College

Villafana Kevin Orange Coast College

Hernandez Citlalli Orange Coast College

Gonzalez Evelyn   Orange Coast College

Jimenez Jocelyne     Orange Coast College

Canchola Alondra     Orange Coast College

Solano Elmar    Orange Coast College

Martinez Ricardo  Orange Coast College

Paz Ailyn              Orange Coast College

Ramirez Kristina    Orange Coast College

Ruiz Citlali               Orange Coast College

Martinez Ricardo    Orange Coast College

Ceniceros Jocelyn     Orange Coast College

Solorio Heidie   Orange Coast College

De La Riva Angel     Orange Coast College

Calderon Paulina    Orange Coast College

Mora Kevin               Orange Coast College

Reyes Alejandro Orange Coast College

Ortega Josue Orange Coast College

Miranda Christopher   Orange Coast College

Reyes Daisy                  Orange Coast College

Bolanos Daniel      Orange Coast College

Soto Armando Orange Coast College

Avila Carlos                 Orange Coast College

Romero Destiny     Orange Coast College

Osegueda Kimberly       Orange Coast College

Ramirez Geraldine           Orange Coast College

Melo Maria                      Orange Coast College

Jimenez Kaeri     Orange Coast College

Rivera Paloma     Orange Coast College

Bello Eseiber      Orange Coast College

Bernabe Lisbet Santa Ana College

Torres Angelica Santa Ana College

Luna Joanna Santa Ana College

Cruz Angelica Santa Ana College

Torres Tania Santa Ana College

Rodriguez Luisa Santa Ana College

Ramos Marvin     Santa Ana College

Razo Perla     Santa Ana College

Ortega Alexis     Santa Ana College

Silva Giselle               Santa Ana College

Ocampo Andrew     Santa Ana College

Magana Alejandro     Santa Ana College

Flores Bryan     Santa Ana College

Olivares Rey                Santa Ana College

Santana Javier    Santa Ana College

Ceballos Humberto    Santa Ana College

Serna Francisco    Santa Ana College

Hernandez Michael    Santa Ana College

Jimenez Michael     Santa Ana College

Zamora Gisselle     Santa Ana College

Sosa Jeanette     Santa Ana College

Salgado Jennifer     Santa Ana College

Bernabe Karol     Santa Ana College

Rivas Rebeca   Santa Ana College

Horta Luis               Santa Ana College

Laris Gillian              Santa Ana College

Mendez Andy Santa Ana College

Zamora Oscar     Santa Ana College

Vasquez Arlette     Santa Ana College

Hernandez Cielo     Santa Ana College

Ruiz Gilberto                Santa Ana College

Badillo Viridiana     Santa Ana College

Thompson Jakob     Santa Ana Community College

Soto Garcia Emilia     Santa Ana College

Ruiz Kevin                Santa Ana College

Hernandez Heidi     Santa Ana College

Cantoran Cuate Israel  Santa Ana College

Segura Alexandra    Santa Ana College

Barajas Raisa  Santa Ana College

Bautista Diana   Santa Ana College

Cerda Andrea  Santa Ana College

Cervantes Samantha   Santa Ana College

Maya Alejandro   Santa Ana College

Ramos-Mendoza David Santa Ana College

Diaz Oscar                Santa Ana College

Romero Bryan    Santa Ana College

Madrigal Cynthia    Santa Ana College

Diaz Rosemary     Santa Ana College

Lopez Fernando     Santa Ana College

Rodriguez Rabadan Everardo Santa Ana College

Navarro Rafael      Santa Ana College

Mendez Andy      Santa Ana College

Meza Kimberly      Santa Ana College

Rodriguez Jennifer      Santa Ana College

Arias Adrian                  Santa Ana College

Orejel Omar                  Santa Ana College

Ortega Julio                  Santa Ana College

Santana Javier     Santa Ana College

Lopez Christian     Santa Ana College

Negrete Martha    Santa Ana College

Varona Jose               Santa Ana College

Vega Matthew   Santa Ana College

Martinez Gina  Santa Ana College

Saucedo Ulises     Santa Ana College

Haro Karen                Santa Ana College

Sanchez Michelle     Santa Ana College

Belman Miguel     Santa Ana College

Diaz Daniel                Santa Ana College

Cruz Judith                Santa Ana College

Arroyo Jorge    Santa Ana College

Vega Melissa      Santa Ana College

Varona Oscar     Santa Ana College

Gomez Tanya               Santa Ana College

Carrillo Juan               Santa Ana College

Barajas Sandoval Jose   Santa Ana College

Fregoso Juan Santa Ana College

Santiago Adanari    Santa Ana College

Carbajal Yesica    Santa Ana College

Carranza Jacquelyn     Santa Ana College

Ortuno Eduardo     Santa Ana College

Maya Axel                Santa Ana College

Galvan Michelle      Santa Ana College

Meza Isabel                Santa Ana College

Ortigoza Erika     Santa Ana College

Morales Vicente Santa Ana College

Rios Fatima               Santa Ana College

Marquez Oscar    Santa Ana College

Penaloza Adelma    Santa Ana College

Mariscal Leonardo     Santa Ana College

Basilio Atilano     Santa Ana College

Escobar Eduardo     Santa Ana College

Marin Jeffrey     Santa Ana College

Magallon Armando     Santa Ana College

Moreno Yesmi     Santa Ana College

Espinoza Aldair     Santa Ana College

Alvarez Martin     Santa Ana College

Alvarez Eric               Santa Ana College

Padilla Ruben    Santa Ana College

Lucero Danny    Santa Ana College

Arroyo Natalie    Santa Ana College

Cerda Mayra               Santa Ana College

Silva Jose               Santa Ana College

Serrano Samantha    Santa Ana College

Gaona Cynthia    Santa Ana College

Navarro Adriana     Santa Ana College

Ocegueda Esteban    Santa Ana College

Fuentes Fidel    Santa Ana College

Loera Andrew    Santa Ana College

Reyes Giovanni    Santa Ana College

Ventura Juan    Santa Ana College

Perez Karen   Santa Ana College

Rosas Izaak                 Santa Ana College

Cruz Isaac                Santa Ana College

Del Carmen Maria  Santa Ana College

Lopez Juan                 Santa Ana College

Mendoza Antonio       Santa Ana College

Ramos Ruben       Santa Ana College

Orozco Tamara       Santa Ana College

Parra Balvina       Santa Ana College

Salgado Alexis       Santa Ana College

Sanchez Yuliza       Santa Ana College

Manuel Marcial       Santa Ana College

Fajardo Maria    Santa Ana College

Aguilar Angel              Santa Ana College

Martinez Ivan    Santa Ana College

Morales Brian    Santa Ana College

Chavez Elias               Santa Ana College

Torres Yesenia    Santa Ana College

Roman Ana               Santa Ana College

Ortiz Jacqueline    Santa Ana College

Martinez Nathan    Santa Ana College

Ramirez Edith    Santa Ana College

Garcia Jacqueline    Santa Ana College

Bravo Joseph    Santa Ana College

Ramirez Osvaldo    Santa Ana College

Camacho Jose    Santa Ana College

Andrade Kassandra     Santa Ana College

Mora Brayan                Santa Ana College

Vidal Alejandro     Santa Ana College

Saavedra Edgar     Santa Ana College

Gaona Veronica     Santa Ana College

Lopez Gerson     Santa Ana College

Hernandez Judith    Santa Ana College

Salgado Enrique    Santa Ana College

Martinez Jesus    Santa Ana College

Perez Alex               Santa Ana College

Beltran Francisco    Santa Ana College

Segovia Gessel    Santa Ana College

Dominguez Alondra     Santa Ana College

Navarro Garcia Evelyn  Santa Ana College

Garrido Stephanie       Santa Ana College

Padilla Anthony       Santa Ana College

Jimenez Jose       Santa Ana College

Flores Veronica       Santa Ana College

Ceja Andrea                 Santa Ana College

Guzman Andrew      Santa Ana College

Mendoza Andaya Gisselle Santa Ana College

Carrillo Karime      Santa Ana College

Flores Veronica      Santa Ana College

Hernandez Aron       Santa Ana College

Velazquez Marlene       Santa Ana College

Chavez Nancy    Santa Ana College

Rodriguez Joshua       Santa Ana College

Navarro Adriana       Santa Ana College

Mora Jesus     Santa ana college

Najera Samuel Santa Ana College

Perez Bryant   Santa Ana College

Diaz Andrew Santa Ana College

Lopez Ricardo Santa Ana College

Buitron Eduardo Santa Ana College

Padilla Stephanie Santa Ana College

Mota Stephanie Santa Ana College

Carrillo Jonathan Santa Ana College

Jaracuaro Monserrat Santa Ana College

Alfaro Jazmin     Santa Ana College

Madrigal Jesus     Santa Ana College

Atempa Cristhian     Santa Ana College

Alvarado Erick     Santa Ana College

Martinez Alexis     Santa Ana College

Armenta Alejandra      Santa Ana College

Delgado Jasmin      Santa Ana College

Elder Elias      Santa Ana College

Trujillo Garcia Alex      Santa Ana College

Pineda Daniel      Santa Ana College

Escamilla Edgar      Santa Ana College

Najera Samuel      Santa Ana College

Ruiz Carolina      Santa Ana College

Duyon James Jerrell     Santa Ana College

Ramirez Andres           Santa Ana College

Hernandez Josue           Santa Ana College

Hernandez Jocelyn           Santa Ana College

Flores Oscar            Santa Ana College

Jimenez Jacqueline  Santa Ana College

Bernabe Karol           Santa Ana College

Flores Jerry                      Santa Ana College

Jasso Joseph      Santa Ana College

Carrillo Juan                Santa Ana College

Blanco Miguel     Santa Ana College

Diaz Melany                Santa Ana College

Barranon Bryan     Santa Ana College

Kent Josiah               Santa Ana College

Nunez Diana               Santa Ana College

Madrigal Fernando Santa Ana College

Contreras Carlos           Santa Ana College

Gonzalez Jessica           Santa Ana College

Contreras Carlos           Santa Ana College

Alfaro Erika                      Santa Ana College

Alvarez Arturo                     Santa Ana College

Gaspar Nadia                     Santa Ana College

Munoz Jose Daniel           Santa Ana College

Herrera Geanella           Santa Ana College

Marquez Erick           Santa Ana College

Huizar Erika                      Santa Ana College

Lopez Maria                      Santa Ana College

Rodriguez Jesus Santa Ana College

Rodriguez Aurora Santa Ana College

Franco Victoria         Santa Ana College

Gutierrez Francisco Santa Ana College

Avina Jesse Santa Ana College

Zamora Jose Santa Ana College

Sanchez Urieth Santa Ana College

Delgadillo Alicia SAC

Gatica Tony Santa Ana College

Rodriguez Kimberly Santa Ana College

Aguilar Vanessa Santa Ana College



Alexis Fabian       Marines

Francisco Gutierrez Marines





2 Responses to “From High School Seniors to College Freshman”

  1. Lizbeth Olivares on May 22nd, 2018 9:58 am

    I am a current sophomore at Godinez and my plan is to go to a four-year university! Seeing all the plethora amount of the senior’s names on the list makes me see their avid ways of wanting to further their education. It doesn´t matter what school they go to as long as they keep bettering their future. My dream college is CSU and seeing people go there makes me fill with joy.

  2. Jasmin Gutierrez on May 30th, 2018 10:10 am

    I feel like this school year went by very quick. It is bittersweet to say our goodbyes to all the seniors since they will take the next step in their lives and depart from Godinez High School. Haplessly, we will miss all the seniors that have touched each one of our lives. They will definitely have to be very cognizant as they become freshmen again. However, all we can do is wish them the best.

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