Track Meet at Costa Mesa Adds Up to a Win

Boys’ varsity and frosh/soph score 1st, Girls wind up 2nd


Axel Gomez

Godinez girls varsity start their 800m race against Costa Mesa High School.

Karime Carrillo and Axel Gomez

On a cold Monday afternoon April 30, Godinez track team showed up at Costa Mesa ready to compete and to win.

Godinez first started off with long jumps. While that was going on some athletes were running on the track to make sure they were warmed up.

This season track has been doing very well, according to the head coach, Diego Rocha. He feels he is improving as the head coach of track in his first year. “I’ve been running most of my life, I’m very passionate about this sport, ” he said.

Rocha added how track helps his athletes and himself in applying this to education and work. He said, “It is also educational in that they are learning a lot of these senses. And me, it helps me manage a team and make them better citizens.”

Track has been of help to these athletes in both there educational and personal life.

Oscar Arceo, a junior on the team said, “I expected to do a lot worse. Every single race I was able to beat my personal best.” Track relieves him from his struggle with anxiety and when he races, he feels a lot better. He describes a typical day in track as running six miles every day.

Junior, Alex Zamora said, “Track season was very successful. I tried my best to beat my personal best.” Track teaches him how to work harder and not give up.

Maria Lopez thinks “I think I could’ve done better in my last year in track. Track helps me to become a better person, to not give up.” A typical day for track on her part is weights and warm-ups. 

Patrick Quinlan,  a junior on the team said, “ Track season was full of learning experiences. I was able to beat my personal best in the race against Costa Mesa.” Track helps him stay fit because you learn how to work in a team but also work by yourself. He describes a typical day in track as fun because of the messing around but also getting serious practicing your category.

Lastly, another senior in track, Joseph Jasso, a senior in track, said, “Honestly the season had its ups and downs, over the season I improved. I wasn’t able to beat my personal best, hoping everything comes out better.” Track helps him relieve stress, with everything going on at school like AP exams/classes, as well as in his personal life. He lets us in to a typical day in track is warm-ups, stretches, and drills. Adding it can be easy or hard.  

This track season went well for them.  They had two-second place and had five first place and OCL league finals for their season.