Sneaker Hype is Just That Hype

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Sneaker Hype is Just That Hype

Eduardo Rosas, Reporter

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$20,000 for sneakers? Yes, really. And that’s retail. Over the past few years, the hype for sneakers has gone sky high, making it part of the “new wave” of high priced footwear.

Although demand for sneakers has been around for several years, interest has increased due to the great influence of celebrities and social media. Teens and adults are willing to pay from $160 Jordan 1’s ( retail price ) and up to $20,000 on “Air Jordan 4 Retro Carhartt x Eminem”( and that’s retail price).

But what makes the shoes worth so much? Demand has always been high but as the need keeps increasing, the supply decreases and it’s rareness of the product makes it special. Not to mention that celebrities: like Kanye West, Travis Scott, Drake and ASAP Rocky have been collaborating with brands like Nike and Adidas creating their own personal sneakers, causing an even greater fever for the shoes.

The hype has reached our very own campus. We interviewed a couple of students regarding the demand and if they are part of this new movement.

Junior Javier Silva said, “It’s a new way of flexing, I own several pairs myself and it’s nice when people recognize and admire what you are wearing.”

We also asked junior Fabian Mendoza his thoughts on this new trend and he said, “It’s not only a trend. It can also be a business. For example, I bought my shoes for $180 retail, but I can resell them for $1,000.”

Demand is increasing and will be around for a long time. And although I am not into the hype yet, it is definitely a unique hobby that is slowly attracting me and many others to spend too much money on a pair of shoes. I love my $160 dollar “overpriced” shoes but I’m definitely not willing to spend $20,000.