What We Learned After Joining Journalism

Rodrigo Macias

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What We Learned After Joining Journalism

Wendy Diaz and Jessica Garcia

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With a new year, come big choices. Picking your classes for next year can be stressful.

When I first joined journalism, I hoped I would not have to write a whole lot about boring topics. Luckily, joining journalism has been nothing but an enjoyable journey. Sure, there’s writing, it is journalism, however writing for the newspaper is interesting. In other words, it is not what you expect. Getting to choose what you write about is a whole game changer. Journalism has given me a voice.

Journalism included writing for the Grizzly Gazette, broadcasting for the morning announcements on Fridays and our morning show Grizzly Media.  

Citlali Ruiz, a senior, reflected her most memorable experience and said, “Writing my article on being undocumented. It taught me not to be scared and raise my voice.”

Edwin Alvarez a sophomore and a recruit for next year chose journalism because “After reading the Grizzly Gazette I was inspired to go out there and address issues I thought were important,” Alvarez said.

Journalism is a class run by students and it works just like a newsroom. The writers pick their articles, do their research then they give it to the co-editors to view and give feedback.

Reporting on campus news and daily news is what we do. Not all learning comes from reading and writing, sometimes you have to watch a movie or go try new food to write a review.

Journalism is not just about writing articles. You learn and gain photography skills useful in everyday life. Along with learning to record professionally.  You can find better angles for those Tumblr pictures too.

If you are timid, journalism will help you get out of your comfort zone. By interviewing students on campus you will learn to talk to people easily. It is a socializing class and a great way to be get involved in school.

When interviewing one must always prepared. Having a journal, a pencil and pen help a whole lot. You can use your phone as well. Though we live in a technological world with easy access to a phone, mobile devices can sometimes lag.

Overall, it is an easy going course. Just know when you need to put in extra work, you need to work. Now see your counselor and join journalism!