Staying Single and Working on Yourself is Not a Bad Thing.

Staying Single and Working on Yourself is Not a Bad Thing.

Litzy Mendoza, Staff Writer

Every time I go on Twitter there are so many tweets from people searching for a significant other. Frankly, I tweet about the complete opposite. Being single is so underrated. So many people want to be in a relationship, but they never realize how many perks there are to being single.

Do not get me wrong, being in a relationship can be a beautiful thing. But being single has its advantages.

Since I have been single, I’ve noticed I’m happier. When I go out, I don’t worry anyone getting mad if I hang out with my guy friends. I definitely save more money too.

I tell all my friends to stay single and for them to work on themselves because it is something that never backfires. “I have more time to myself, I like being single.” said John Silva, senior. At the end of the day that person is not going to pay their gas, their rent, or work for that nice body that they want.

In order to love and be with someone else you gotta learn to love yourself first. “You need to grow as a person and learn to be independent first.” says Mathew, Hall, counselor.

I have seen too many people I love get taken advantage of because they never learned to value themselves. This person and a couple others think too low of themselves. These persons accepted less than their worth because they thought that was the deserved.

Since I have been single, I have learned new things about myself. I had more time to think about my life. I learned to appreciate what I have and to love myself including my flaws. Everyone has flaws, no one is perfect, learning to accept was a turning point in my life. Along similar lines, sophomore Sofia Amezcua said “I like being single because I get to do whatever I like and whatever makes me happy.” 

“Some of my favorite benefits of being single is having more money and a lot more freedom.”- Luis Mendoza, sophomore

“I like it because I am not tied down and I don’t have to deal with drama.”-Maria Yesenia, senior.

Avoid getting cheated on or lied to. Save some time and avoid a heartbreak it is not that hard. I can guarantee you that your money will be better spent if you go to a new club rather than the movie with a person you might not be with next month. This valentine’s day though, I am going on a fancy dinner with my boyfriend.