GFHS Students Left Worried in the Wake of Hurricane Harvey


Photo courtesy of Bloomberg

Alondra Salgado, Staff Writer

News organizations and social media have been taken over by coverage of Hurricane Harvey, a natural disaster that has affected residents of Houston. The Category 4 hurricane caused severe flooding, forcing many residents to evacuate.

Harvey has impacted many families across Texas, leaving some people homeless. Over 2,000 civilians have been rescued, and a death toll of at least 70 has been reported. According to the Washington Post, there was a case in which a woman in her 60s died awaiting rescue as an oak tree fell on her home.

Several Godinez students have relatives in areas affected by Hurricane Harvey.

Steven Piñeda said, “My uncle and his family’s home were flooded and left without power. When I see it on the news, it worries me that it has affected not only my family but others.”

“I do have a family member who lives in Houston, but we have not heard from my cousin. We haven’t had contact,” said Stephanie Pera.

Senior Stephanie Padilla said, “I have an Uncle with three kids and luckily they left before the storm after hearing the alerts of heavy rain. Unfortunately, everything they owned was destroyed and their home is flooded.”

With the cleanup of Houston starting while Hurricane Irma bears down on residents in Florida, Godinez students hope that more people will not be affected during a treacherous hurricane season.