Glimpse of Prom 2017: A Night in the Enchanted Forest

Stephanie Padilla & Rodrigo Macias , Staff Writers

This year’s prom was a grand success. From the venue to the snacks, this year’s prom was memorable. The snacks included mini doughnuts, Ardie’s ice cream truck, and lemonade all provided by the venue.

Prom was hosted at AV Irvine on May 13. AV Irvine has over 25,000 square feet space on two floors. The dance room also known as “ The Showroom” is 10,000 square feet of event space. Features include 26-foot ceilings and access doors for large vehicles can enter the venue.

With around 550 people attending, the dance room filled up with people dancing the night away until it was time to crown prom king and queen. Curiosity filled the room as people awaited to see who would be crowned prom queen and king. Patty Mondragon won prom queen and Eric Macias prom king.

At 11:30 limos and cars pulled up to the entrance and tired grizzlies left the night but they will never forget prom 2017.