“The Little Mermaid” Found Love at First Sight!


Courtesy of Warner Bros.

The cast presents the Little Mermaid.

Jessica Guevara, Staff Writer

This year’s school musical is The Little Mermaid! It is a joyful musical that brings laughter and joy to the theater. 

The Little Mermaid is about Ariel, a mermaid who finds land a desired place to live on. Her father, on the other hand, is against any interactions to anything above land, especially humans. Although Ariel had other ideas, she rescued Prince Eric, who had fallen out of his ship and left him with the beautiful melody of the girl who rescued him.

The Little Mermaid turned out to be a great musical despite many of the cast members performing for their first time. 

Richard Marting, the Drama Director, highlights the experiences of the cast.  

“We have a ton of performers and technicians who have only been in one or no shows before and they’ve learned a lot to make the show come alive,” he said.

It is never too late to get involved in theater! All participants would stay after-school for rehearsals and practice to become better; they did, in fact, they learned to improve their vocal skills and how to be quick when getting into character. 

Wilson Torrez explains how fun it is to “get into character”. 

“The most fun part of my role is being able to scream as loud as I want, and be as angry as I want because I’m not really that angry. I’m always a happy guy,” Torrez said.  

It is exciting being able to impersonate someone that is nothing like oneself.

Tech crew had their challenges with some of the preparations of different scenes. 

Aurelia Morales, a member of Tech Crew, addresses a challenge they needed to overcome. 

“They [had] to move the big coral [decor] over [to the side], they have to move it twice and one of them is right before the big musical number “Under the Sea” [and] sometimes [it is] stressful because there’s so many actors on the sidelines,” Morales said. 

Good job to the tech crew for being able to manage through their challenges!

The musical, overall, was a great way to spend time with family and friends. It was nice to see our school’s theater participants be able to bring giggles and smiles to peoples faces. 

Marting did an amazing job teaching his cast how to prepare enough for the big show. 

All of the people involved made the show outstanding, I am proud of their work! It was entertaining to watch and be able to experience watching The Little Mermaid in play. This musical was a memorable experience this 2022-2023 school year!