I Attended Godinez’s 2023 Winter Carnival


Ashley Cazales

The K-Pop Club performs at the Winter Carnival under the colorful lights. Photo taken on February 10, 2023.

Ashley Cazales , Staff Writer

The Winter Carnival is a fun, casual event to hang out and eat snacks while supporting many of the clubs Godinez offers. Hosted by ASB, this year’s carnival was on February 10 from 5-8 p.m.  

There were many fun moments, and with a DJ in attendance, the area was lively. Every booth was required to sell a different option from each other, which was perfect because there was a variety of booths with their own unique supply. 

According to Daniel Tena, ASB director, several booths were very popular.

“The softball team did really well with their sales, (pie in the face), as well as K-Pop’s boba. I saw a long line for that and the get-married booth. Those were the top three I saw had long lines,” he said. 

The clubs had been preparing for the carnival for weeks before the successful event. 

“This takes about three weeks-four weeks of planning where the clubs have a lottery for their food/fundraiser events. Around two full weeks of planning plus hiring the DJ,” Tena revealed. 

For my personal club experience, I helped the Environmental Club set up preparations for the Winter Carnival, so in a way, I understood some of the pressure other clubs might have had in organizing for the carnival as well. 

I also performed with the K-pop Club which was a lot of fun. It was also hectic, as there were so many crowded people with many flashing lights around. Other than this, it was super fun performing with the other club members as well. 

My personal favorite booth is between either the Band/Orchestra Booth or the Rising Writers’ Club face paint booth. 

The fruit and agua fresca from the Band Booth was a refreshing way to spectate all the other booths. 

The face paint was a fun activity as they had many options. (They messed up my bee a little but it’s okay because we had many laughs with it).

Looking ahead, Tena would like to bring back some fan-favorites from previous years. 

“I would like to go back to getting the inflatables again, we used to have inflatables… the district took that away from us. They’re allowing that again so we have to see what inflatables they would allow, we lose money on inflatables but I would like to bring that back,” he said. 

For the future, I would suggest backing up the DJ more as the clubs and the area to walk around were quite crowded and it was hard to truly see the displays of the different clubs.