Review of the Radium Girls Fall Play – Dangerous Effects!


Photo courtesy of Jacqueline Ramirez

Drama students do their last rehearsal at the Godinez theater for the fall play. Photo taken on October 18, 2022.

Ashley Cazales, Staff Writer

Radium Girls is based on a true story set in the 1900’s where women in factories were exposed to toxic chemicals that were “safe” for use. The story follows protagonist, Grace, in her fight against the company of their factory as more and more girls get sick through the toxic chemicals.  

The Godinez Drama students reenacted the play in our very own theater. The show had two days of screening, Oct. 20-21. 

Richard Marting, the Drama director, and his students put together this wonderful play to showcase not only the history of the true story, but also the talent of the students through vocal and visual aspects.  

Upon arrival, Tech Crew was there, giving out playbills and welcoming everyone into the theater. 

Mr. Marting gave a welcoming speech that got everyone comfortable before the play began.

The set had small individual pieces being laid throughout the stage. The props used in said sets were fitting to the play. 

It was fitting: when the scenes changed, so did the lighting sometimes and because of the green backdrop, it projected onto the scenery a lot more efficiently. The emotional scenes stood out and caught the eye.  

Although the set was nicely laid out, the backdrop was distracting at certain moments because of its neon green color as well as it not having any sort of decor.  

My favorite part of the play has to be where Grace (played by Annelise Vieyra) and Tom (played by Raymond Guadrana) had a fight that ended in their divorce. This was not only my favorite part, but according to the audience’s reactions, many were astonished at the process and the outcome of the scene. 

All the actors did an astounding job in portraying the scenes.  

Vieyra did an amazing job in portraying her character as a soft, but devoted, woman. She showcased this through her voice projection and energy being put into her character throughout the play.  

Irene (played by Kenia Montes) did an especially wonderful job in projecting their voice. The volume in their voice throughout the portrayal of their character was wonderful.

I really enjoyed this play, and am excited to see what the Grizzly Drama Department will do next.