New Classes Offered for Next School Year


Infographic created by Abryana Mercado

Just some of the new courses being offered next school year to start a CTE (Career Technical Education) pathway or gain a new interest.

Abryana Mercado, Reporter

The 2021-2022 school year is ending as a new one approaches and some students are still a bit hesitant with their 2022-2023 schedules. 

There are new classes being offered for next year, many Career Technical Education (CTE) classes, here are a few of the offerings for next school year: 

There is a new two-year CTE pathway for those interested in computer engineering or code called robotics but only juniors can register for this class. 

Another CTE pathway is for those interested in the medical field. Kinesiology is being offered to those who completed both medical core and sports medicine. 

Isabel Gutierrez, is a junior who is currently in medical core. 

Gutierrez said, “I learned a lot about medical procedures, the medical field itself, and different careers that involve medicine. I think sports medicine combined with what I learned in medical core would help in understanding the career I want to pursue.” 

Then there are classes that offer someone a way new way to express themselves. Honors piano, taught by Jeanette McMahon, and creative writing are two new courses options for current students.

The creative writing class will be taught by Lori Polydoros, English and Advanced Via Individual Determination (AVID) teacher who has plenty of experience in writing. The creative writing class was first approved 3-4 years ago as an elective for English where Polydoros was on the committee to help write the curriculum for it. 

Polydoros believes that, “it is the perfect class for seniors who are not planning to take AP Literature but love to express themselves through writing.”

This class will mainly focus on imaginative writing and allow students to find a community who enjoy all sorts of writing such as short stories, poetry, screenplays, or novels.

In a way this class will be an outlet to receive feedback and support on writing. Polydoros recommends this class to those who are already, “a solid writer, I will not teach how to write a paragraph and essay. It is for students who are ready to develop their voice as a writer.”

Some expectations Polydoros shared include being, “ready to write, read, and put yourself out there to not only share your work but to get feedback from other people. It will be a safe place to support each other to create beautiful and meaningful stories in hope to have some published.”

Creative writing is highly recommended for those who want to pursue writing in college or in the future. 

Another new class, also in a CTE pathway being offered is criminal justice or legal studies. You will investigate the qualifications and requirements for law enforcement occupations and learn about nature, history, philosophy of law enforcement. 

Other areas include: constitutional law, policing issues and trends, court systems, trials, corrections, and general aspects of law enforcement. 

Current junior, David Aquino, is excited to take this class.

Aquino wants, “to become familiar with criminal justice, major in it, and hopefully, become a detective.”

These classes offer a broad range of skills and knowledge even if this may not benefit your career choice.

Dr. Veronica Chavez, a counselor at Godinez Fundamental High School (GFHS) recommends these classes.

“Your career and major in college or an introduction to a pathway is to learn about it if you don’t know what to study,” she said.

Chavez also added, “these classes will make you look college prep competitive.”