Fun and Cool Summer Jobs to Apply for this Summer


Courtesy of Wild Rivers FaceBook page

A post from the Wild Rivers FaceBook page looking to hire before their June opening.

Pablo Flores, Staff Writer

As the end of the school year is approaching, some students are looking for a summer job to earn some extra money. But sometimes finding a nice or a cool job that you like during the summer could be difficult. Here are some jobs that someone should consider and why. 

Wild Rivers:

You can choose from many different chances to get hired in different ways. The pay could depend on what you chose to do. Below are just some job suggestions of the most easy and cool jobs to have over the summer, however, it is ultimately up to you what job you get. You can apply at:


If you like swimming, being outdoors or like the beach then this job is for you. The days and hours could vary. But, the job itself is easy because you get to spend time outdoors. Some qualifications are: you need to know how to swim and you need a certification for CPR or lifeguard. One place hiring for lifeguards is Great Wolf Lodge at: and the city of Santa Ana at:

O.C Fair: 

The reason you should take this job is because it is easy, it’s only 5 days a week and it is not a stressful job. It is July 15th to August 14th from Wednesday to Sunday. The hours are 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. Wednesday’s and Thursdays and 11 a.m. to midnight Friday through Sunday. Their employment page is at: